Q4 Flight Plan


ThugBirdz is one of the key communities in the Solana NFT environment with an instantly recognizable and iconic tough bird design. It is a symbol for community, artists, creative freedom and a love for all things cool. We’ll be bringing some of these iconic bird stylings to merch - Hats, socks, tote bags, etc.
Hoodies and other clothing apparel potentially dropping in November exclusively to holders (free drop for holders, very limited).

Community Management

We’re hiring a group of moderators and a community team to keep the discords spam free and scam free.

Community Airdrops

Airdrop even more amazing NFT art to the community. We have an amazing flock and all of your contributions help us deliver more to the whole community. Ideally we would get to a point where we could deliver something every second day or so.

NFT Escrow Marketplace

Developing an NFT escrow web-app as an alternative to marketplaces. Share of revenue will go to thugDAO treasury.

The Hood Vibes

A weekly newsletter of what happened in the hood plus a wiseguys/consigliere section where we gather and share alpha with DAO members.

Artist Outreach Program

We’re going to cultivate an environment supportive of burgeoning artists. This will involve an Artist Outreach Program to encourage as many artists to come to the DAO so we can work together and help.

There will be a page on the website where any artist can apply to work with our DAO. Part of this program is a thugbirdz/thugDAO brand media corner where anybody can get high quality brand elements to make derivatives.

Thug Label

In conjunction with the Artist Outreach Program, the world’s first DAO led record label “Thug Label” will launch with the goal of searching out, uplifting and expediting the careers of promising independent musicians.

Thug Label will be a multi-genre label that takes an artist first approach. Thug Label will be organized and managed by P Doc (NewDumbMoney).


After two years of chaos and restrictions the world is slowly opening. Our hope is to help bridge the relationships we’ve made online IRL and we will explore a meetup for thugz being planned for the end of the year.

Plans will of course be subject to Covid-19 and travel conditions, but we will update everyone well ahead of time!

Honorary Thugz

Mint the last of the honorary thugz to complete the collection.

Exploring The Potential of Companions

Consider developing and dropping companions to thugbirdz holders, though this will likely be subject to a vote. This depends on the liquidity situation improving dramatically.

Long Term Flight Plan

Creating and setting up a decentralised legal entity for the DAO. This entity will handle legal matters concerning the organization and will act as the legal representative in conducting business with outside parties.
Build out a token ecosystem with solid tokenomics before launching our own community token. Set-up and implement the legal framework for this.

Permission to fly, granted.

ThugDAO Team


Head of Community


Head of Art


Head Architect


Co-head of Strategy & Growth


Co-head of Strategy & Growth