The goal of governance

The goal of ThugDAO governance is to codify the rules and procedures that help us achieve our goal of being a functional and prospering DAO while still being the kindest community on Solana.

DAO council

ThugDAO is operated by a council with public voting on squads. Our council heads are @gmishra & @terpz777, who help keep us focused and productive.


Our governance document can be found here, with details like council setup, powers, responsibilities, duties, voting rules, compensation, etc. This is a living document and will be updated as we figure things out.

Voting and treasury

Our voting history on squads can be found here. Squads also has our Dao Treasury holding funds & NFTs.

One more thing

Doing things you say you are going to do over time builds trust, and hopefully this page and these resources help build the trust of the community. Please contact the DAO council in discord with any questions or comments.