Thugbirdz is going through a process called entanglement. This means that the metadata for the entire collection are updated without changing the art and attributes of the NFT's.


1) Because we are one of the earliest collections on solana. The collection was launched in the pre candy machine era, using multiple different wallets and spread out over multiple days. As a result the collection has NFTs with different mutability status and update authorities. This creates all sorts of problems with listing on multiple marketplaces (f.e. opensea) and collection-specific blockchain applications that we want to develop. We basically need to make all NFT's mutable with the same update authority.

2) Because thugDAO is getting a larger part of the royalties on secondary sales (it was 0% and is going to be 45%). This will grow the DAO treasury and enable us to build more cool stuff.


Solana Sanctuary (spun out of exiled apes) has built an entangler (the Merkle Reloader) for us. You can reload/swap your old NFT for a fresh one at: https://swap.thugbirdz.com. Check out the screenshots below for a walkthrough of the process.

What it looks like
1) Before connecting your wallet.
2) Connect your wallet.
3) After connecting your wallet, your thugbirdz NFTs will show.
4) After clicking on reload me the first of three transaction requests appears.
5) Click on "view advanced transaction details". It will show create account, initialize mint, create token account, mint to.
6) After approving the first transaction request, the second of three wil appear.
7) Click on "view advanced transaction details". It will show you the following program id:
You can click on the program id and open in new tab. It should look like this:
8) After approving the second transaction request, the final (third) request wil appear.
It will show you that your old thug NFT will be 'erased' and a new one will be created by the same progra id as in step 7.
After signing this transaction the process is completed and your new thug will show up as reloaded NFT.
Now compare the two SPL token details before and after reloading.
before reloading after reloading
Damn bird, you look so fresh now!